FitArc Reflex APP Privacy Policy

At Senlam Co. Ltd., (“Senlam", "we" or “us”) we value and protect your privacy rights.

This Privacy Policy describes
- what Personal Information we collect from the FitArc reflex App (“App”) and the purposes for which we use it
- what rights you have and how you can execute such rights

What are personal data?
Personal data are information which can be assigned to you individually. Examples include your name, address, postal address, telephone number or your email address. Data which are not personal are details about the number of users of a site, for example.

Data Protection and Security

The protection of personal data – and therefore your privacy – is taken very seriously by us. We would like to explain to you at this point how we protect your data and what it means for you when you use our services. In order to guarantee the greatest possible protection of your privacy, it is a matter of course for us that we comply with all legal regulations on the subject of data protection.

When you sign-up using a social media log in, such as via Facebook.  We do not collect or store your social media password information.

Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data by the operator

Personal data are collected through this app as follows: when you register in the App, you will be asked to provide a freely selectable “username” , “date of birth”,” gender”,” height” ,“weight” and ”photo

After registration, the app will establish a Bluetooth connection to the FitArc reflex device selected by you and will receive the following information from it

We collect the calculated number of steps you have taken, calories burned, your mode of movement (e.g. running / walking/swimming), travelled distance (but no correlated location data), your goals for the day (if any) and whether you achieved them. In order to enable us to calculate calories burned we also ask you to enter your height and weight and use the date of birth information provided to us in the registration process.

You may also choose to input information about your activities through the App, such as updating information about your weight.

On our device we collect sleep start time, sleep end time, time you go to bed and the time you wake up. We also collect details of sleep such as when light sleep and when restful sleep occurs to show you data and insights about your sleeping patterns.

Certain activity and sleep data might be regarded as "health related data" in certain jurisdictions. We therefore ask for your consent to collect such data when you sign-up.

How long do we store and how do we secure Personal Information?
We will retain your Personal Information as long as necessary to provide you with App and Device functionality and services but in any event only as long as your account is active. When you delete your account or we disable it after a time of inactivity and notification from us, we will also delete your Personal Information from our systems (excluding any information we have de-identified). However, we may keep some of your Personal Information for legal reasons, and also to the extent you have provided us with information pursuant to an opt-in request for marketing emails. You may opt-out of all marketing communications by contacting us

Privacy Statement Updates
We may change this Privacy Statement from time to time as we add new products and apps, as we improve our current offerings, and as technologies and laws change. Any changes we will post via the updated APP.

How to contact us
This App is provided to you by Senlam Co. Ltd., If you have any questions regarding privacy in connection with the App or Device, please contact us via email at